Bargates Development : Our Vision

The Bargates site offers a unique town centre regeneration opportunity. The Society has objected to plans currently under consideration to build 140 dwellings on the site, half of them sheltered housing. What we would like to see is a high-quality, mixed-use development with an active frontage to the Washlands making the most of the riverside location. The images and video sequence below illustrate this vision. They have been produced to support efforts to attract alternative proposals.

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Ferry Bridge Restoration

In 2007, Burton Civic Society initiated a project to secure the future of the historic Ferry Bridge, and to explore the feasibility of replacing four large heraldic plaques and other ornamental detail, removed following a structural assessment in 1969.

An on-site meeting followed with representatives of Staffordshire County Council, East Staffordshire Borough Council and English Heritage. This led to a detailed structural survey above and below the waterline that identified the need for urgent maintenance with an estimated cost of exceeding £1.3 million. SCC agreed to replace missing quatrefoil decoration on the exterior lattice work, but replacement of the missing plaques fell outside SCCs statutory remit, and could only be achieved if outside funding could be secured.

Independently of the Civic Society’s efforts, a grassroots campaign ‘Friends of Ferry Bridge’ Facebook Group emerged with similar objectives, and a joint working group was set up. Local businessman and Civic Society member, George Lawson established that a mould could be taken from an original plaque on display at the National Brewery Centre, and four new plaques cast in durable, lightweight aluminium.

The cost of making moulds, casting the plaques and painting them in the colours of the original was £17,400. Burton Civic Society and Friends of Ferry Bridge began fund-raising.

Grateful thanks are due to all the individuals, councillors, and organisations who donated and who supported the effort to make the restoration of the plaques possible. Generous contributions from the Consolidated Charity of Burton upon Trent, and Staffordshire Local Community Fund are particularly acknowledged, as is the dedication and hard work of Friends of Ferry Bridge.

The major refurbishment, which began in September 2015, included overall structural strengthening, repairs to seal cracks in piers, a new timber deck and parapet, replacement bolts, replacement of missing quatrefoils, and the stripping back and re-painting of metalwork. On 21 October 2016, the wraps came off and our historic Ferry Bridge re-opened.

Work to replace a missing ‘Thornewill and Warham’ makers’ nameplate is continuing.

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Planning Applications and Appeals The Civic Society monitor each month planning applications, particularly those that affect conservation areas and listed buildings or that may be contrary to the spirit of the current Local Plan, in which case they will make appropriate representations to the ESBC.